What is the reason for creating a football program?

Starting in 2014, The Strong Center decided to pursue to a football program that provides a more competitive environment.  We believe there are players and parents that desire a competitive atmosphere that the East Wake Football League (EWFL) provided in years past, and that this higher level of competition encourages more advanced growth in football skills, fundamentals, and comradery.

Is The Strong Center’s football program associated with the Town of Fuquay Varina’s Parks and Recreation Department?

No, The Strong Center is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of kids through sports development.

Is The Strong Center’s football program intended to compete with other football programs in the area?

No. The Strong Center’s football program is simply a choice alternative to other programs in the area by being the only organization participating in the East Wake Football League. The Strong Center’s intention is to provide a quality, competitive and fun football program that focuses on progressive skills development.

Why should I choose The Strong Center’s youth football program?

Fuquay Varina Youth Football and Cheer - FAQ

The Strong Center will take a more rigorous approach to making sure players are getting the highest quality football instruction and skills advancement possible.  Providing a high level of football skills instruction starts with high quality coaches.  Coaches with The Strong Center program will be required to meet a rigorous screening process, ensuring that they have met minimum requirements with respect to training through USA Football ™ (www.usafootball.com).

We believe that high levels of competition lead to higher levels of performance from players.  The Strong Center is committed to competing and preparing players to succeed at the next level—middle school and high school football.

What is the mission of The Strong Center’s youth football organization?

Please see our Mission Page.

What is different about the East Wake Football League?

The EWFL carries a unique experience in youth football to play in a “big game” atmosphere.  Our games begin in the afternoons on Saturday and play into the evening “under the lights” at many of the High Schools in the area.  Our home games (4 per season) are played at Fuquay-Varina High School.  It provides each player an experience of “breaking the banner” and running on the field flanked by theme music with the game announcer in the background.  The EWFL is a collection of many towns and communities (20, in fact) that surround the greater Raleigh area.  This aspect brings football back to its roots where smaller communities were forced under limited population to form teams and play each other.  A spirit of comradery and connection with one’s community is fostered.  Teamwork, friendship and fellowship among the players is the greatest achievement of this partnership with EWFL.

Fuquay Varina Youth Football and Cheer - FAQ

Why has The Strong Center decided to participate in the EWFL?

The Strong Center researched multiple competitive leagues before deciding to maintain the relationship that the Fuquay Varina community has had with the EWFL for several years.  The decision to stay with the EWFL was primarily based on the level of competition that the EWFL provides, which was deemed to be the highest in the area.  There was also some consideration of the level of familiarity with EWFL, the travel requirements for away games, and the sensible age groups/weight limits that the EWFL uses for the 3 teams.

What are the age groups and weight limits for The Strong Center’s youth teams?

The Strong Center will field a mini mite (junior tackle) team (ages 6-8) and 2 tackle teams (ages 9-12), in accordance with the EWFL rules.  Please see our registration page for details regarding the age groups & EWFL team divisions.

What is the difference with Junior Tackle Football?

Mini Mite division aka “Junior Tackle” uses the NFHS rule book as its base and employs the following adjustments:

  • A 5th quarter scrimmage style format game begins our play where each team is given opportunity to play offense and defense in a controlled coach on the field format.  No score is kept in this game.  The 5th quarter lasts 30 minutes and then the regular mini mite game.
  • One coach is allowed on the field on both offense and defense.
  • Games are played in four 8-minute quarters
  • There are no kickoffs in Junior Tackle.
  • The game begins and restarts after a score with the ball on the 40-yard line.
  • The punt is introduced, but no rush is allowed.
  • There are no fake punts.
  • The punted ball may not be returned for yardage by the receiving team.
  • The kicking team shall not cover the punt nor send players downfield.
  • Blitzing is not allowed.
  • No more than seven (7) players on line.
  • Linebackers play three (3) yards off line.
  • All linemen must be down in a 3 or 4 point stance.

The goal of junior tackle is to introduce the game of football in an environment that allows the progression of skill and knowledge before advancing to conventional tackle football.

What can a family expect the time commitment to be to play football with The Strong Center program?

Football with The Strong Center’s program will begin around August 1st with conditioning practices every day for 1 week.  After conditioning, the program will require 2-hour practices on 3-4 nights per week, plus a game on Saturdays during the season.

What are the travel requirements for The Strong Center football teams?

Travel for away games is dictated by the game schedule, which is established by the EWFL (see the EWFL website for official schedule).  In general, travel to away games is less than 40 miles one-way.  During the regular season, 4 games will be away and 4 games will be played at home.

Fuquay Varina Youth Football and Cheer - FAQ

What are the individual playing time expectations?

Coaches shall make every attempt to play each eligible player a minimum of four (4) plays during a game. A play is considered offense, defense or special teams. A penalty on the play still constitutes a play towards the four (4) play rule. For the mini division, the 5th quarter team is also eligible to comply with this rule. Note that factors such as practice attendance, player behavior/sportsmanship, and others may have an impact on a player's eligibility for compliance with this rule.

When and where are home games played for The Strong Center youth football?

Home games will be played at Fuquay Varina High School on Saturdays.  The 5th quarter Mini Mite game will start at 4:00pm with the regular Mini Mite (8U), Mighty Mite (10U), and then PeeWee (12U) games starting immediately after the Mini game completes.  For away games, confirm game times and locations each season with the league schedule located at www.ewfl-football.com.