Volunteer Opportunities

The Strong Center Basketball Volunteer Program

Thank you for your interest in The Strong Center Basketball Volunteer Program. We are
excited to offer families a way to reduce player fees and give back to the Strong Center
Basketball program.

Unless otherwise stated – All Volunteer events will result in a 75/25 commission split.
75% of commissions received will go directly to designated player fees 25% will remain
with The Strong Center Basketball Program.
How will the 25% be allocated?

  • Need based Player Scholarships
  • Team Incidentals and Equipment
  • Extra gym rentals/team practice
  • Practice Jerseys
  • Coaches Apparel

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Strong Center – PNC 23-24 –

Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I be at the event?
Unless otherwise stated, arrive 1 hour and 15 mins before event doors open.

How long are events?
Please be prepared to work an event for up to 4 hours.

I signed up to work an event, but now my availability has changed. What should I do?
Update your availability on Signup genius.

What will I be doing at events?
Each event may differ by stand, selling typical concession stand offerings including beer.

What’s the dress code?
Unless otherwise noted

PNC – Grey Strong Center shirt, Plain black pants (no cargo , jeans or
corduroy), a plain black long sleeve crew neck shirt and Strong Center hat (or plain black hat)

NC State Football – Red NC State Shirt, black pants/shorts

Is there an age requirement to volunteer?
Yes, all volunteers must be 16 and older (PNC). Minors need to bring proof of age.
NC State Football – 16 years or older. No more than four (4) 16 and under per game

How are commissions split among volunteers?
Commissions are split evenly with event volunteers after 25% is deducted

Am I required to service beer/alcohol?
No, some stands serve beer/alcohol but you are not required to serve (PNC)

I’m a coach, how will my funds be allocated?
As a coach your funds can be distributed across your team, you can donate to players or you
can add to your team account to offset the cost of: extra team equipment, additional gym
rentals, extra tournaments etc.

Are all events 75/25% Split?
We will have events that are not 75% commissions to Players. Each event will clearly state the
commission split with the majority of events being 75/25% split.

When will funds be distributed?
Please allow 3-4 weeks for account credits to appear.

What training is required?
No formal training is required. RASP (PNC) and/or TEAMS (NC STATE) is required to serve

RASP Training Details

  1. Go to RASP – NC ABCC
  2. Click on “Online Alcohol Training “ on the right hand side
  3. At Bottom Click “ Register for Seller/Server Training Program “
  4. On next screen choose “Other”
  5. Enter Trade Name “ The Strong Center”
  6. Enter Group’s Address
    205 S Fuquay Ave Fuquay Varina 27526
  7. Next screen enter information for group member and create a password
  8. Next login and “Start Seller/ Server course “
  9. After completing the course and test print out certificate
  10. Email your Certificates to communication@thestrongcenter.org

TEAMS Training Link
2023AramarkUNC-NCStateL2 (brainshark.com)